Bearwood Lakes 2022


Office Bearers



Gary Holloway


Managing Director

Ian Jackson


Financial Controller

Theresa Denny


Course Manager

Andrew Whittaker


Director of Golf

Mike Shrieve


Events Manager

Mandy Hurst


Sales and Marketing Manager

Emma Evans


Club Captain

Andreas Hadjiphanis


Lady Captain

Lucie Robson


Junior Captain

Saif Noori


Handicap Secretary

Gary Smithers


Ladies Handicap Secretary

Beryl Smith


Junior Organiser

Manuel Fuentes


Senior Organiser

Stephen Bragg


Clubhouse Hours


*As of British Summertime (BST), the Clubhouse opening and closing times will be as follows:




Pro Shop


7am – 11pm

7am – 7pm


7am – 11pm

7am – 7pm


7am – 11pm

7am – 7pm


7am – 11pm

7am – 7pm


7am – 11pm

7am – 7pm


7am – 11pm

7am – 7pm


7am – 10.30pm

7am – 7pm

See section 9 for more details



*As of Greenwich Meantime (GMT), the Clubhouse opening and closing times will be as follows:




Pro Shop


7am – 6pm

7am – 5pm


7am – 6pm

7am – 5pm


7am – 6pm

7am – 5pm


7am – 6pm

7am – 5pm


7am – 6pm

7am – 5pm


7am – 6pm

7am – 5pm


7am – 6pm

7am – 5pm

See section 9 for more details


*Dependent on private bookings, special dinners and club events.



Members Guide


1. Club Annual Review

The Club Annual Review will be issued in spring each year (normally end of February/early March).


2. Annual Subscriptions

The annual subscriptions will be decided by the Board of Directors and announced annually on or before the date of the Club Annual Review in each year (Club Rule 5). Annual subscriptions are payable by 1st May annually in advance by all Members.


3. Bag Store

A fully serviced bag store is available to members for an annual fee. After play, clubs and shoes will be cleaned and stored in the appropriate bag rack. Electric Trolleys may be stored for an additional fee. Golf bag and trolley storage is subject to availability and places are allocated on a 1st come 1st serve basis.


4. Bag Tags

All Members will be presented with a bag tag when they enrol with the Club. Members are asked to attach them to their bags at all times to allow easy identification. A charge will be made for replacement bag tags.


5. Captain

Captains and Vice Captains of the Club are elected annually by the Members. The term of Captaincy and Vice Captaincy shall commence on 1st April and run for a period of 12 months.

In the event of more than one candidate wishing to stand for the position of Vice Captaincy, a ballot will take place.


6. Car Parking

Members should park in the car park at all times and leave the entrance bay free. A separate area is designated for staff. Cars are left in the car park at owners’ risk. All drivers are asked to observe the speed limit of 10mph in the Club grounds. Cars may not be driven between the Clubhouse and the Practice Ground or the Maintenance Area unless authorised by the General Manager/Managing Director or Director of Golf.


7. Chairman

The Chairman of the Club is Mr Gary Holloway.


8. Children/Juniors

Licensing restrictions require that Junior Members under the age of 14 are not permitted in the Bar area. Other than Junior Members, children under 18 years are not permitted in the Clubhouse unless accompanied by an adult.


Junior Golf

Junior Members may play at the following times:

Before 16:30pm and after 19:00 weekdays

After 12:00noon weekends and Bank Holidays

Junior Members with a handicap of 18 or lower may play outside of these allotted times when accompanied by an adult Member.

Priority will be given to Full Members at all times including use of the practice facilities.

Junior Members may not bring guests to the Club unless permission is granted by the General Manager/Managing Director. At least 24 hours’ notice is required for such requests and will only be granted if demand for tee times is low at the desired time of play. All Club rules are to be observed at all times.


9. Clubhouse Rooms

a) The Lounge

The area is available for drinks and light meals at designated times according to season. However, Members may if they wish order from the bar.

b) The Bar and Restaurant

In order to promote good fellowship and quality of service in the Clubhouse, it is essential that all Members make use of the facilities provided. To ensure that sufficient revenue is generated to allow for the maintenance of standards, a levy may be set at a figure determined each year at the Club Annual Review.

c) Meeting Rooms

Three rooms are available for meetings, conferences and private dining.

• Conference Room (Maximum of 40 people)

• Board Room (Maximum of 10 people)

• Syndicate Room (Maximum of 6 people)

d) Terrace/Balcony

Leading directly from the lounge and meeting rooms is a large covered terrace/balcony overlooking the 18th green and much of the golf course. Drinks and light meals will be served on the terrace/balcony subject to suitable weather conditions.

e) Meals

The availability and times of service of food will to a large extent depend upon demand and season.

Restaurant Opening Times*:

Summer (BST)

7.30am – 9.30pm Monday to Saturday

7.30am – 6.00pm Sunday

Winter (GMT)

7.30am – 5.30pm* Monday to Sunday.

* May close earlier dependent on time of year

** Dependent on bookings, special dinners or events as notified

In winter, with decreasing evening daylight, the bar will remain open one hour after dusk, if later than 6.00pm. However, the Clubhouse will close prior to published times if no one remains on the course or in the clubhouse.

The restaurant will be available for members, matches, private dinner parties and Club functions.

Additionally, the meeting rooms are available for Members’ Luncheons, Board Meetings and Dinners at any time subject to any prior bookings or Club events.


f) Changing rooms

These are accessed either from an internal staircase or from the lower level golf entrance. Day lockers are available for storage of clothing and shoes but should not be relied upon as safe keeping for valuables or cash. These should be lodged with the Club Offices. All lockers must be cleared on a daily basis. Towels will be provided by the shoe store attendant.


10. Club Office

The Club Office is situated on the ground floor at the rear of the Clubhouse next to the Pro Shop.


11. Club Rules

A full copy of the Club Rules is available in the current Prospectus. Please contact the Club Office.


12. Computer System / Payment of Services

The Golf Club will provide each Member with a Club Account. All purchases made by Members in the Clubhouse are automatically recorded on the Club system. Members must always ‘sign-off’ a chit or guest invoice and should retain a copy to check.


13. Course Ranger

When busy, a Course Ranger will be employed. He will monitor pace of play and etiquette on the course, members and guests are advised to follow his instructions. The Ranger has complete authority on the golf course.


14. Dress Code

When using the Clubhouse dress should be to a smart casual standard at a minimum. Smart jeans may be worn in the Clubhouse at the discretion of management.

When using the course or practice facilities golfers should wear attire specifically manufactured for the game of golf. Under no circumstances are jeans, jogging bottoms, football/rugby shirts or training/cricket shoes to be allowed.

Smart/tailored shorts may be worn with white sports socks. Men’s shirts must be tucked in. As golf is a constantly evolving sport and subject to fashion variations it is impossible to list of exact and specific requirements, but the management of the Club will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that everyone using Bearwood Lakes is dressed appropriately. Anyone not upholding the high standards of the Club may be refused use of the facilities.


15. Emergency Procedures

In the event of any emergency, (i.e. fire, security alert) all Members are asked to comply immediately with the instruction of nearest senior member of staff and with notices concerning a fire/security alert, which are displayed prominently in the Clubhouse. The fire alarm will be sounded when evacuation of the building is considered necessary and the alarm will ring continuously. Any incidents should be reported to the Managing Director or a senior member of staff.


16. English Golf Union

The Club is affiliated with the English Golf Union (EGU) through the Berks, Bucks and Oxon (BB&O) Union of Golf Clubs and this enables the Club to obtain a standard scratch score for handicapping purposes and to participate in local union activities. The Club is also answerable for its golfing activities to the R & A and the EGU Competitions and the Club will comply at all times with the rules of amateur status as defined by the R & A. All subscriptions will be added to Members’ accounts when due.


17. Equipment Sales

The Pro Shop has the sole rights to sell sports equipment, clothing and accessories on the Club premises.


18. Etiquette

Good manners and knowledge of etiquette are essential. Poor play is acceptable, bad manners are not.

a) Please replace divots.

b) Rake bunkers after use.

c) Repair at least two pitch marks on each green.

d) On the green, take care with the flagstick and avoid leaving spike marks.

e) Follow designated paths. Do not take your trolley on tees, greens or into the long rough.

f) Speed of play: it is essential for groups to keep up with the game in front. Games which have lost a clear hole on the game ahead of them or need to search for a ball should let the game behind go through. Three-ball and four-ball games should allow two-ball and single games through as appropriate. Let common sense prevail.


19. Photocopying and Telephone

Members can use the telephone or photocopier.


20. First Aid

A member of staff trained in first aid will generally be on the premises. Please contact a member or staff.


21. Temporary Greens

The Course Manager reserves the right to utilise temporary greens throughout the golf course in situations deemed necessary to either protect the course or to carry out the remedial works such as annual renovations. Protection of the greens either in situations such as frost, waterlogging or stress is a necessity to prevent longer term damage or allow the greens to recover after periods of aggressive cultural works. Any such use of temporary greens will be kept to a minimum and main greens will be reintroduced as soon as conditions allow. The green fee for a members guest will be accordingly structured as per length and duration for temporary green use.


22. General Manager

The General Manager/Managing Director will be responsible for the day to day running of Bearwood Lakes Golf Club and is normally available in the Club Office.


23. Golf Buggies

Golf Buggies may be used by members depending on availability. Members requiring a golf buggy on medical grounds will have priority.


24. Golf Course

Members must report to the Pro Shop or with the starter prior to teeing off. No one should tee off without doing so.  Under no circumstances should anyone start from the 8th or 10th tee unless with permission from the Pro Shop.

Members and guests are requested to play off appropriate tees during regular play.


25. Golf Clubs

Golf clubs should not be taken into the Clubhouse. After play Members may return clubs for temporary safekeeping in the bag store. Golf equipment left unattended anywhere on the Club premises is entirely at owner’s risk. The professional staff will arrange for club repairs as necessary. There are clubs available for hire in the Pro Shop for both men and ladies.


26. Golf Course Bookings

Tee-times can be booked up to 14 days in advance, either by telephone or in person at the Pro Shop. When making a booking please ensure that all names and details are provided for everyone in the group. If a pre-booked tee-time is not required, please cancel 24 hours in advance. Members may only book one tee-time at a time. Tee-times will commence at 7.30am Summer and 8am Winter at 10 minute intervals. The first tee will be reserved during the following times:

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

Before 8.00am (2-balls only)

8.00am – 10.00am (4-balls only) No guests prior to 10:30am

Tuesday: 8:30am – 11.00am (Seniors Section)

Thursday: 9:00am – 11.00am (Ladies Section)

When daylight hours allow in the summer months, play on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays may commence from 7.00am with 2 balls playing from 7.00-7.30am and 4 balls playing from 7.30-10.00am. The Club will notify members when this is the case.


27. Golf Course Maintenance

The Course Manager and Green Keeping staff operate from the maintenance facility opposite the 9th tee. Members are welcome to visit the facility by arrangement with the Course Manager (01183048222). Any problems or comments about the course should, however, be addressed to the General Manager/Managing Director.


28. Director of Golf

The Director of Golf is responsible for the Golf Operation including instruction, booking of the tee-times, the Pro Shop, practice ground, bag storage and locker rooms. He will assist in all the golf activities in conjunction with the Membership Committee.


29. Green Fees

A green fee is charged to Members bringing guests to the Club in accordance with the Club Rules.

Any Member who has not paid a green fee for their guest will be automatically suspended from the Club for one month.

Membership will be revoked on the second occasion.

Members must ensure that their guests are of an appropriate golfing ability to be playing Bearwood Lakes and that they adhere to the Club rules, including dress code, whilst using the facilities. Any guest who does not fulfil these requirements may be refused use of the facilities or be asked to leave the course. A guest may not play more than six times in the same calendar year. The rates of charges for both weekdays and weekends will be set and published by the Company from time to time.


30. Halfway House

The Halfway House is available for drinks and snacks, with toilets situated at the rear. Members must sign a chit for their purchases which will be posted to their account at the end of the day. Please move on when the group behind arrives.


31. Handicaps

The Club has a handicap committee constituted in accordance with the EGU and LGU regulations. All Members who intend to make Bearwood Lakes their home club for handicap purposes should contact the Golf Professional Staff or their Handicap Secretary.


32. Insurance

The Company holds public and employee liability. Equipment stored in the bag store is covered up to a maximum of £2,000. However, the Club cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained by Members.

All clothing, equipment and vehicles are left entirely at owner’s risk. Members are strongly advised to take out their own personal golfers insurance. Contact the office for details.


33. Irrigation System

The greens, tees and fairways are all automatically irrigated and will be operated mostly at night unless the weather dictates daytime watering.


34. Ladies Golf Union

The Club is affiliated to the EGU and Berkshire County Ladies Golf Association and the handicapping procedures for ladies follow England Golf/World Handicap rules. Subscriptions will be added to Members’ accounts when due.


35. Licensing Laws

The Club is licensed to sell Alcohol as set out under the licensing laws.


36. Medical

A local doctor in Wokingham has been contacted by the Club and his name and telephone number are available from reception should anyone require medical assistance. Medical problems should be referred to the Clubhouse reception or the Duty Manager.


37. Membership Cards

Members will be issued a membership card which can be used to charge goods and services to their personal account.

Please ensure that you sign for any purchases made using the membership card and retain a copy of the receipt for your own records. This card may also be requested by staff as a form of identification.


38. Membership Manager

The Membership Manager will be responsible for introduction of new members to the Club and its facilities and assisting with Members’ queries. The Membership Manager will be available at the Club Office.


39. Messages

Please lodge any messages with the Club Office.


40. Mobile Telephones

Please restrict your use of mobile phones and other communication devices to silent texting and messaging in all areas of the Club and course except in the foyer by the main front doors, where calls can be made and received. You can also make and receive voice calls outside the clubhouse on the side nearest the main car park. Please ensure that ringtones are turned off at all times.


41. Notice Boards

There are a number of notice boards in the Club at the entrance to the locker rooms. All official Club and statutory notices will be published here and are the property of the Club.


42. Practice Ground

The practice ground (driving range), short game area and putting green will open at 7.00am daily and close at dusk. It may be necessary to close an area of the practice facilities from time to time to carry out maintenance or to retrieve practice balls.

Whenever possible, advanced notice will be given of such closures.


43. Professional’s Shop

The Club will employ a Director of Golf to run the Club shop, administrate Club golf events and oversee the smooth operation of tee times and course traffic. The Pro Shop team will assist with all golf requirements.


44. Property

All personal property brought to the Club is at their own risk. All valuables should be lodged with the Membership Manager. A safe is available in the Club Office for Members’ use if required.


45. Security

The front entrance will have a security barrier in operation each day which can accessed via the intercom connected to the Pro Shop and Bar.


46. Smoking

As of 1 July 2007, no smoking has been allowed in any area of the Clubhouse or in the Halfway Hut. Provision will be made for smokers on the balcony areas of the main Clubhouse.


47. Starter

A starter will be on duty most days and will control the first tee.


48. Suggestions

Any Member wishing to make suggestions should address those suggestions to the General Manager/Managing Director.


49. Trolleys

Electronic trolleys and trolleys may be hired from the Pro Shop.


50. Visitors

Members are requested to sign-in their guests in the Pro Shop.


51. Wi Fi

The Clubhouse is covered by complimentary Wi Fi service. If you have any problems gaining access to the wireless network, please inform a member of staff who will be happy to assist.




Bearwood Lakes Golf Club Rules/Terms and Conditions


1. Proprietary Club, Management and Control

The Club is a proprietary club. The Company will provide the Club with the Golf Course and Clubhouse together with ancillary facilities and everything reasonably necessary for the carrying on of the business of the Club in accordance with its objects and these Rules. The Company will be responsible for all expenses relating to the Club operations, the engagement and administration of the Management Agreement and all other matters including the expenditure of money.


2. Objectives

The objectives of the Club are to establish, maintain and conduct a golf club, to encourage social activities between the Members, and generally to afford to its Members all the usual privileges and advantages of a proprietary golf club. In order to carry out its objectives the Company will provide the Club with the Facilities.


3. Membership 

There are twelve categories of Membership; Founder, Life, Full, Associate, Corporate, Junior, Overseas, Temporary, Social, International, Country and Day. Membership will be at the sole discretion of the Company. Its decision will be final and no reason for refusing any Membership application will be given by the Company. In all categories, with the exception of Temporary and Social, the right to Membership is only accessible by being nominated by a Debenture Holder or the Company. Before being accepted as a Member, the individual will be required to agree to abide by the Rules, including the payment of Joining Fees and Annual Subscriptions as referred to in Rule 6. A Member will remain obliged to abide by these Rules until such time as he or she resigns or his or her Membership is terminated or suspended pursuant to Rule 8 or, in the case of a Full or Associate Member, until such time as his or her nomination is withdrawn by the relevant Debenture Holder. Life, Founder, Full, Associate and Corporate Members will be entitled to attend each General Meeting of the Club. They will be entitled to nominate candidates, propose and second items for consideration and vote on proposals.


3.1 Founder Membership

Founder Membership was granted to the 100 Full Debenture Holders who reserved a Full Debenture on or prior to 23rd October 1994. Founder Membership is not transferable and will be extinguished on the first transfer or death of the Full Debenture Holder. The transferee of such Full Debenture will thereafter be entitled to nominate a Full Member without the special privileges attached to Founder Membership.


3.2 Life Membership

A limited number of Full Debenture Holders were invited by the Company to pay a single non-refundable sum at the prevailing rate plus any applicable VAT and become entitled to nominate a Life Member.


3.3 Full Membership

Each Full Debenture Holder will be entitled to nominate a Debenture Nominated Member for Full Membership of the Club
subject to payment of a Joining Fee and Annual Subscription at the prevailing rate plus any applicable VAT. Full Members will be entitled to use the Facilities of the Club at all times subject to Rule 24.


3.4 Associate Membership

Each Associate Debenture Holder will be entitled to nominate a Debenture Nominated Member for Associate Membership of the Club subject to payment of a Joining Fee and Annual Subscription at the prevailing rate plus any applicable VAT. Associate Members will be entitled to use the Facilities of the Clubhouse at all times but only to play on the Course and use the practice facilities on weekdays and subject to Rule 24.


3.5 Corporate Membership

A limited number of corporate bodies may be allocated a number of Full Debentures and Associate Debentures. The minimum allocation is four Associate Debentures allowing up to 12 Alternate Members to be nominated and is subject to the payment of the Corporate Membership Joining Fee and Annual Subscription at the prevailing rate plus any applicable VAT. Corporate Members may arrange an annual golf day as determined in the schedule for Corporate Membership subject to the prior consent of the Company.


3.6 Junior Membership

The Company will be entitled to accept a Junior Member subject to the payment of an Annual Subscription at the prevailing rate plus any applicable VAT. Junior Members must be 17 or under at the commencement of the Membership Year. Arrangements whereby Junior Members may use the Facilities of the Club will be displayed in the Club Diary.


3.7 Overseas Membership

The Company will make available a limited number of Overseas Memberships. To apply for this category of membership the applicant will be resident outside the United Kingdom. An Overseas Members may play up to 24 times per calendar year.  A reduced Annual Subscription will be payable and subject to VAT.


3.8 Temporary Membership

The Company reserves the right to nominate Temporary Members against Debentures that are not subscribed for.


3.9 Social Membership

Life, Founder, Full, Associate and Overseas Members will be entitled to nominate one additional individual as a Social Member, usually their spouse, partner or child over the age of 18, without payment of any fees. Social Memberships will be renewable annually. Social Members will be entitled to use the Clubhouse at all times subject to Rule 24, but will not be entitled to make use of the Course or any other facilities that may be provided from time to time.


3.10 International Membership

The Company is entitled to nominate International Members against Debentures that are not subscribed for. Only non-UK residents may apply and proof of residency will be required. International Members will be accepted on receipt of the Joining Fee and Annual Subscription, as set out by the Board. International Members are not entitled to vote. International Members may play golf seven days per week, but will be restricted to play after 10am at weekends and UK Bank Holidays. International Members have the right to bring up to three playing guests mid-week and one playing guest at weekends, on payment of the relevant Green Fee.


3.11 Country Membership

Members who reside outside a 75 mile radius of the Club may apply for Country Membership. Only 25 Country Memberships will be available at any one time and Annual Subscriptions will be set annually by the Board.


3.12 Day Membership

The Management will, at its discretion, allow a limited number of Day Members (averaging no more than 50 per year) to play the course at off peak times (Monday-Thursday). These Day Members will, for a fee, be allowed to play 18 holes of golf and to use the Clubhouse and practice facilities but will not be entitled to enter Club competitions and events. Day Members will be fully briefed on the Rules of the Club and expected standards of etiquette in advance of their visit. Day Members and Day Member tee times will be carefully managed to avoid any disruption to the Members of Bearwood Lakes Golf Club.


3.13 Intermediate Membership

The Company will be entitled to accept an Intermediate Member subject to the payment of an Annual Subscription at the prevailing rate plus any applicable VAT. Intermediate Members must be between the ages of 18 to 30 inclusive, at the commencement of the Membership Year. Arrangements whereby Intermediate Members may use the Facilities of the Club will be displayed in the Club Diary.


Note. Joint membership for annual subscriptions is only available for couples living at the same address who have both been nominated by a Debenture Holder or the Company.


4. General Obligations of Members

Every Member shall submit to and be bound by the Rules and any byelaws from time to time in force. Every Member shall communicate their address or that of their bankers or agent from time to time to the Company and all notices or letters sent to such address shall be deemed to be duly delivered.


5. Joining Fees, Annual Subscriptions & Clubhouse Levy

Prior to being accepted as a Member, a Joining Fee, an Annual Subscription and Club House Levy plus any applicable VAT, where it is chargeable, will be payable to the Club. The level of Joining Fees, Annual Subscriptions and Clubhouse levy will be decided by the Board and announced annually on or before 1st April in each year.
Annual Subscriptions are payable by 30th April annually in advance by all Members. Part payments of the Annual Subscription for Members who join during the year will be accepted on a pro rata basis at the discretion of the Company. Refunds for Members who leave for any reason during the year will not be given, other than at the discretion of the Company.


6. Payment Terms

Interest will be levied at 2.5% per month, or part thereof, above the bank Base Rate for any Subscriptions paid after the due date. Any Member failing to pay Annual Subscriptions within one calendar month of the due date will be deemed to have resigned and may only be reinstated at the discretion of the Company and may be liable to a further Joining Fee. The responsibility for all outstanding payments will revert to the Debenture Holder who nominated the Member who will thereupon be liable for the same. Should the Debenture Holder not pay the outstanding fee within a further period of one calendar month, the Company reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary for the recovery of the outstanding debt. The Debenture Holder will have the right to replace the Member whose Membership has been terminated
with a Debenture Nominated Member, save where the Debenture Nominated member has been expelled as a Member.


7. Suspension or Termination of Membership

Any Member breaching these Rules or generally accepted standards of behaviour or golf etiquette may be requested to appear before the Membership Liaison Group which may recommend to the Company disciplinary action, suspension for such period as its thinks fit or expulsion from the Club in respect of such Member. No Member or Debenture Holder will have the right to compensation by reason of any action so taken. Should a Member who is also a Debenture Holder be expelled from the Club their Debenture may be forfeited.


8. Election of Captains and Vice Captains

Any two members of the Club will be at liberty to nominate any Life, Founder or Full Member subject to them having been a member for at least three years to serve as Club and Lady Captain or Club Vice-Captain and Lady Vice-Captain. The name of each Member so nominated will be sent in writing to the Membership Office in the Clubhouse at least 21 days before the Club Annual Review accompanied by a letter from the candidate consenting to serve, if elected. A list of the candidates in alphabetical order will be circulated to all Members entitled to receive the Club Annual Review with such notice and will be affixed to the notice board of the Club at least 14 days before the Club Annual Review. Balloting lists will be prepared containing the names of the candidates only. Each Founder, Life, Full, Associate and Corporate Member will be entitled to vote for one candidate for Club captain / Club Vice captain by a vote. Only lady members in the Founder, Life, Full, Associate and Corporate membership category will be entitled to vote for one candidate for Lady Captain / Lady Vice Captain. In the event that there are insufficient candidates nominated, the Membership Liaison Group may fill the remaining vacancies. If two or more candidates obtain an equal number of votes, the Membership Liaison Group will select from such candidates the candidate who is to serve as the relevant officer.

The Captain and Lady Captain will each year resign and be replaced by the relevant Vice Captain. The Captain and Lady Captain will not be eligible for re-appointment as Vice Captains. The Ladies Section will appoint the Ladies Handicap Secretary and other ladies required to form a ladies committee required under LGU rules.


9. The Membership Liaison Group

The purpose of the Membership Liaison Group is to act as a formal channel of communication between the Company and the Members of the Club. Members may only approach the Company through the Membership Liaison Group. The Membership Liaison Group may make proposals to the Company on behalf of the Members. The Membership Liaison Group will comprise the President or his or her nominated representative, the Captain, Vice-Captain, Lady Captain and Lady Vice Captain. Life, Founder.

The Chairman of the Company will act as President of the Club.
In addition to the above the Membership Liaison Group may propose to the Company candidates for election as Honorary Vice President for such periods as they think fit. Any Honorary Vice President may use the Course and Clubhouse and will have all the rights and privileges of a Member.


10. Representation to the Company

The Membership Liaison Group is the means of formal communication by the Members of the Club to the Company.
The Membership Liaison Group may submit any reasonable representations in writing to the Company at the Membership Office. The Company will give all reasonable consideration to such representations, but any decision taken by the Company will be final and binding on the Members.


11. Membership Liaison Group Meetings

Four Members of the Membership Liaison Group, one of which must be the President or his or her nominated representative approved for such purposes by the President of the Club, will constitute a quorum for the purposes of any Membership Liaison Group meeting. The President or his or her nominated representative will be the Chairman of the Membership Liaison Group. Decisions of the Membership Liaison Group will be made by a simple majority or those present and voting. If there is an equality of votes the Chairman will have a casting vote. A meeting of the Membership Liaison Group may be arranged at any time if required to do so by three Members of the Membership Liaison Group. Subject to these Rules, the Membership Liaison Group will regulate their own procedure.


12. Functions of the Membership Liaison Group

All matters concerning the interests of the Members will be coordinated by the Membership Liaison Group and communicated to the Company at the Membership Office in the Clubhouse. Debenture Holders will regulate their affairs in accordance with the Debenture Deed. The Company may from time to time require the Membership Liaison Group to perform such additional functions that the Company may delegate to it.


13. Task Groups

The Membership Liaison Group may, with the written permission of the Company, appoint task groups selected from Members willing to join the same for such purposes and with such powers as are approved by the Company. Each task group will appoint its own officers to perform such specific duties as are approved by the Company.


14. Membership Staff

The Membership Staff will be responsible to the Company for the day to day management of the Club via the Management Agreement with a view to the efficient operation of the Club. Membership Staff will maintain a register of Debenture Holders and Members. They will keep minutes of all proceedings and records of the Membership Liaison Group, task groups, including all handicaps, competitors, events, and Members’ Annual Subscription and expenditure accounts.


15. The Club Annual Review

The Club Annual Review of the Club will be issued in spring each year (normally early March) to all members. Life, Founder, Full, Associate and Corporate Members of the Club will (unless suspended) be entitled to receive the review and vote. Corporate Members will have one vote per Debenture purchased. The Chairman, or his or her nominated representative, will the issue the review.


16. Extraordinary General Meeting

The Company or any 50 of the Life, Founder, Full, Associate and Corporate Members may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members when any questions of urgent importance arise and the Company will be bound to do so upon receiving a requisition at the Membership Office signed by not less than 50 Members for a date no later than 21 days after the date of requisition.


17. Notice of Meeting

At least 14 days’ notice of any Extraordinary General Meeting specifying the business to be transacted and the day, place and hour of the Meeting, will be sent to every Life, Founder, Full, Corporate and Associate Member and will be affixed on the notice board in the Clubhouse.


18. Proceedings at General Meetings

No business shall be transacted at a Meeting unless a quorum is present. Four Members of any category shall be a quorum. If such a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for the Meeting, or if during the Meeting such a quorum ceases to be present, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week at the same time and place. A resolution put to the vote of a Meeting shall be decided in the first instance on a show of hands. A poll may be requested by the Chairman or by three or more Members. On a show of hands, all Members entitled to attend and vote shall have one vote.


19. Members Guests

• Founder and Full Members may introduce not more than three playing guests on any day.
• An Associate Member may introduce not more than three playing guests on weekdays.
• Day Members are not entitled to introduce guests to the Club.
• Members may not introduce the same playing guest more than six times in the same calendar year. Associate Members may
only play six times per annum on weekends as a Member’s guest and not on days of Club competitions.
• A Member shall accompany his or her playing guest unless otherwise permitted by the Membership Staff.
• The playing guest’s name and details will be taken, in line with GDPR. Members may, however, introduce small groups of guests or arrange corporate golfing days on occasions when this will not cause inconvenience to the Members.
• The Company will allow the pupils of Reddam House and the employees limited access to play the Course at restricted times as guests for a relevant fee.
• The Company reserves the right at its absolute discretion not to accept the introduction of guests at any time.


20. Non-Playing Guests

A Member or Social Member may introduce non-playing guests to the Clubhouse and its facilities (excluding the Course).
The non-playing guests shall be accompanied by the introducing Member (unless authorised by Management).
The number of non-playing guests that may be introduced will be restricted as deemed necessary by the Company.


21. Complaints

Complaints concerning any matters affecting the Club will be made in writing to the Membership Office via the Membership Liaison Group and will be given all reasonable consideration by the Company.


22. Club Opening Hours and Functions

The Company may in its discretion close the Clubhouse or Course or any part thereof for any period which it may consider necessary or desirable, in order to affect maintenance, redecoration or refurbishment and for up to five days per year for tournaments and Pro-Ams. The Company will always try to give reasonable notice of its intentions to effect any such closure and the case of tournaments and Pro-Ams all Members will be offered a free spectator ticket. No Member will be entitled to a refund of Annual Subscriptions or Joining Fees or any other compensation by reason of any closure of the Course or Clubhouse. On occasions when the Clubhouse is being used for a function, either for a Club event or by a Member or visitor, certain areas of the Clubhouse may be closed to Members.


23. Amendment of the Rules

From time to time the Company may impose changes to these rules to promote the efficient and smooth running of the Club.
Major changes will only come into force after a majority vote ratifying the same at a General or Extraordinary General Meeting.


24. Interpretation of the Rules

The Company will be the sole authority for the interpretation of these Rules, whose decision shall be final and binding on all Members.


25. Rules of Golf, Dress and Etiquette

Players will at all times abide by the regulations and rules of the game of golf adopted from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the County Union, England Golf and World Golf Handicap System together with such local rules as the Company from time to time considers appropriate. Members and their guests will be required to dress appropriately in the Clubhouse and on the Course at all times, although gentlemen will not be required to wear jackets and ties in the Clubhouse except on specified occasions when advance notice will be given.


26. Financial Liability

A Member will not be liable or responsible for any of the liabilities of the Company or the Club by reason solely of Membership save for payment of a Joining Fee where applicable on first becoming a Member and payment of Annual Subscriptions in accordance with these Rules.


27. Exclusion of Liability

Neither the Company nor the Club will be responsible for any damage injury or loss occurring at the Club or at any activity
or function operated, arranged, organised or sponsored by the Company other than death or personal injury caused by the
negligence of the Company, the Club, its agents or employees. Any Member, guest, visitor or other person who in any manner
makes use or accepts the use of any apparatus, facility, privilege or serve of the Club or who engages in any game, exercise,
competition, or any other activity operated, arranged, organised or sponsored by the Club will do so at his or her own risk and will hold the Club, the Company and its Directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents harmless from any loss, costs, injury, damage or any other liability sustained and/or resulting from any act or omission of any Member or guest introduced into the Club or any visitor. The Club, the Company and the Directors, officers, representatives, employees and agents thereof will not be responsible or liable to any Member or his or her guest or any visitor for any articles brought onto the Club premises.


28. Mobile Telephones

The use of mobile telephones will only be accepted in certain areas of the Course and Clubhouse as directed by the Company from time to time. Restrictions will be posted on the notice board as the occasion arises. Members of the medical profession may, with the permission of the Membership Staff carry bleepers on the Course.


29. Gambling

The Club may not be used for betting, gambling or any unlawful games in contravention of the Gaming Acts.


30. Members’ Own Food and Drink

No Members, guests or visitors are permitted to bring food or drink into the Clubhouse or onto the grounds for consumption on the Facilities.


31. Payments

Payments for all expenditure by Members, other than Joining Fees and Annual Subscriptions, will be accepted by charging to the member account or payment made at point of sale. The member’s Club account will allow Members to settle the balance of their account monthly by Direct Debit.

The Club reserves the right to levy Members to ensure an adequate food and beverage revenue for the Clubhouse. There is a Club levy chargeable in advance at the beginning of each golf year commencing 1st May.


32. Membership Cards

Membership Cards are issued to identify Members and allow access to the Club. They are not transferable and should be produced on request. Bag tags must be displayed and be visible on golf bags.


33. Golf Equipment

The sharing of golf bags and equipment is not permitted.


34. Pets

Pets will not be permitted within the Clubhouse or on the Course.


35. Equipment Sales

The Pro Shop has the sole rights to sell sports equipment and clothing and accessories on the Club premises.


36. Tees

There are five tee positions on each hole. In a friendly match Members can mix and match their chosen tee positions by hole. Members are also permitted to play off different tee positions according to their ability within a friendly match. The requirements of the LGU and the EGU will be clearly marked for each hole. In Club competitions there will be one specified tee position for each hole and each Member must play from this position.


37. Competitions

Competitions, whether Club or external, shall be held at such times and under such conditions as the Company shall determine after liaison with the relevant committee. The Course may be closed to all but competitors on such occasions as the Company may from time to time decide.  In order to be eligible for Club Board Events, a member must have played in 3 qualifying club competitions in the previous 12 months.


38. Premises

No Member shall take away, or be permitted to take away, from the Club premises under any pretext whatever, or shall injure or destroy, any article that is the property of the Club. No paper, notice or placard, written or printed, shall be put up in the Club without the sanction of the Company. All Members shall pay every expense they incur in the Clubhouse or upon the Club premises before they leave or as otherwise agreed by the Company. The Clubhouse shall not be used for any unlawful purpose. The hours of the sale of intoxicating liquors will be fixed by byelaws made by the Company from time to time in conformity with the appropriate laws and regulations in force at that time.


39. Notices

Any communication may be served by the Company, or the Club, upon a Member by sending it via email or through the post in a prepaid envelope addressed to such person at the address that appears in the records of the Company. Any communication, which requires to be served upon the Company, may be served by sending it through the post in a pre-paid envelope addressed to the Company at the registered office of the Company from time to time. Any communication served by post shall deemed to have been served at the expiration of forty-eight hours after it is posted, and in providing such service it shall be sufficient to provide that the envelope containing the communication was properly addressed and posted.


40. Operative Date

These rules took effect on 24th January 2022